Celebrating the founding of the party 95th anniversary, we do

Author : Date : 2017-07-21
In June 29, 2016, the end of the day a few days of rainy weather, Zhangjiajie is finally sunny, green and Jinjiang International Hotel Party branch members are bathed in the sun, with a warm three to the official Cili County Temple Buddha Ping village Party branch and collapse, the old party members to sing songs, copy party constitution, listen to lectures, relive the party oath. Party members have a joyous gathering to celebrate, "71", will be on the green and Jinjiang International Hotel Party branch secretary Du chairman Mao Wenqing on behalf of the hotel to extend festive greetings and cordial condolences to the old village Party and the collapse of the Buddha, on the part of students, gold star students, the old village secretary and old party members issued condolences some gold. Hotel members listen to the story of the old party members, moved by their hard work and selfless dedication, impressed by their old but vigorous, we need A fighting spirit soars aloft. mentality, continue to strengthen the party spirit and improve ideological awareness, conscientiously study and implement the "two a" work requirements, set an example, to maintain the advanced. Deng Ping village Party branch to the hotel chairman Mao Wenqing and the Party branch of the Qing and Jinjiang expressed their heartfelt thanks!
Through the activities of the party, the Party branch will further strict organizational life, strengthen the party's education, firmly establish the sense of service, continuously enhance the hotel party cohesion and combat effectiveness, for the benefit of the hotel, enhance the reputation of brainstorming, give full play to the exemplary role, transfer positive energy, so, green and Jinjiang international order maintain the advanced Party branch hotel!
The Party branch of Tsing Yi and Jinjiang and the Party branch of the Ping Shan village listen to the party song
Hotel party members send condolences to the elderly members of the collapsed Village


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