Jinjiang International (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Jinjiang International Group") is one of the largest comprehensive Chinese Hotel and tourism industry group, the hotel management and investment, travel services and related transportation services for the main business, with hotels, tourism, passenger three core business and real estate, industrial, financial and other related industries and the basic industry.
The group focus on the strategic goal of "global layout, transnational operation, to the hotel industry as the core, in the" Internet plus "background, innovation lead, operational excellence, global development, and strive to become the leading global tourism hotel industry group. "Jinjiang" is China's well-known trademarks, Shanghai famous trademarks, brand value of more than 30 billion yuan. 2015 acquisition of 100% stake in the French Du Louvre Hotel group, in 2016 the strategic investment platinum Tao Group, Vienna Hotel Group 80% stake. By the end of 2016, Jinjiang hotels had more than 7000 hotels, managed and franchised hotels, with more than 700 thousand rooms, and The Globe Hotel group ranked fifth, first in asia. The hotel located in about 62 countries worldwide and China 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, more than 100 million members; investment and business covers full service hotel and limited service hotel investment and operation and management of catering industry. The company's main brand hotel including J, rock garden, Jinjiang, Kunlun, the capital of Jinjiang, JinJiang Inn, Campanile, Golden Jinxiang conplas Yu Tulip, 7 days, Li Feng, Zhe - brown, Vienna etc..
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